Pupil Voice at Leiston

At Leiston Primary School we believe in encouraging positive relationships between adults and pupils, and also amongst pupils themselves. We wish to give every child ‘a voice’ to share their opinions on their learning, their classroom and school environment and an opportunity to share any concerns they may have.

Learning Council…

The ‘Learning Council’ is made up of two children from each class who have been elected to represent their class. They meet regularly with leadership teams to discuss learning – what is working well, what they enjoy and how it could be even better.

Learning Council 2017/18

Class 1 (Year 6): Kyran Barnett and Keira Allen
Class 2 (Year 5): Ruby Henson, George Barber
Class 3 (Year 4): Keeley Mays and Harvey Hayes
Class 4 (Year 4): Theo Coull and Gemma Dale
Class 7 (Year 3): Connor Norman and Lilly Smith
Class 8 (Year 3): Fatima Amomin and Lucas Cracknell-Burrows
Class 9 (Year 2): Caleb Thurston and Amelia Mays
Class 10 (Year 2): Noah Hawes and Niamh Fox
Class 12 (Year 1): Samuel Savery and Isla Boast
Class 13 (Year 1/R): Charlie Strowger and Elisa Diaconu
Class 14 (Year R): Alanah Knights and Thomas Martin

Pupil Parliament:

Every two weeks the whole school splits into mixed age groups to discuss school issues and improvements. These range from discussing what is being learned and how; to lunchtime clubs and playground equipment. The meetings are led by Year 6 children, who record the minutes which are then shared for all to see.

Minutes from the meetings (2017/18):

13th September - How can we stay safe in school?

26th September - What works well with our rewards/consequences?

7th November - What is bullying? How can we prevent it?

9th January 2018 - How are we the same? How are we different?


Playground leaders…

A team consisting of children from years 4, 5 and 6 who help and support staff by encouraging positive play and use of equipment in the playgrounds at play and lunch.