Year 6 Mrs Hunt

Welcome back to the Summer Term 2017

We have lots of exciting things to do this term: The children have their SATS to do (see links below); trip to Norwich castle ( Friday 19th May); end of term play and  leavers assembly among some of the main events.

Our class assembly is booked for Thursday 8th June at 2:30; after the assembly you can come and look at their work back in the classroom.

P.E Kit should be in school from the Monday until the Friday, as we may do P.E on any of these days, but it is specifically timetabled for Friday afternoons at the moment.

Curriculum Highlights this term:

  • We are going to be looking at Crime and Punishment (involving all areas of the curriculum)
  • Making a cushion ( putting in zips, and batik)
  • Looking at evolution and inheritance.

SATS PREPERATION  week beg 8th May)

The children will be doing a lot of revision and practice questions in class for the next 3 weeks. They will be sent home with some extra practice, as most parents indicated at the consultations, they are happy to support their children in this extra work.

BBC do revision games  on their website, as well as there being plenty of practice books available.

Thank you for all the encouragement and help you give your children. We want them all to do as well as they can in the approaching SATS.

Welcome back to school January 2017

This term we will be making sure the children are fully prepared and confident to undertake their sats exam.

 Click here for sats timetable 2017. Click here for more information. Click here for links to revision websites.

We will be soon sending out details of an 'Aylmerton Residential trip' information evening. This will include a kit list.

The Children will be getting a lot of homework this term. Please support them as much as possible, by giving them a space to do it; ask them if they can explain to you what they are doing; encourage them to read every day and increase the amount of time they read.

There will be a times table challenge starting next week. I mentioned this to the children before Christmas and they seemed enthusiastic about it. It requires them to know the facts well rather than just chant them.


The children need to be reading regularly. They need to be reading a variety of texts, so they can expand  their vocabulary. The children will be expected to write a book review about each book to show they have understood it. This review has been explained to the children. Click here to see a copy of the review.