Year 6 Mrs Jinks

Welcome Back!

I hope you have all had a great break and are relaxed and ready to learn.


We have had a great start to the year 6 and we are working hard, I have seen lots of determination and resilience.


Spring Curriculum:

In English we have just started reading the book 'Cosmic' by Frank Cotterell Boyce and we love it, it is a really funny book. Some of the children have already  gone to the library to borrow it! We will be using this book as a basis for our writing, with a focus on letters and diaries.  

We will continue to develop our handwriting focusing on joining correctly and making sure all letters are of a consistent size. Joining up in a clear and fluent style will be a big focus this term as we begin to collate a bank of writing evidence for our end of year assessments.

In Maths we are moving on to working with decimals, percentages and aspects of shape and space. We will be linking all areas of maths to problem solving and reasoning.

We will also be focusing on arithmetic skills this term, we will be beginning to prepare the children for the arithmetic test they will sit as part of the SATs testing.

Our topic work this half term will be based around the Mayan Civilisation. We have a company coming in to work with us on this and increase our knowledge and understanding of this period in history. We will also be linking it tp art, ICT and DT with some pottery work, cooking based around chocolate and creating our own adverts.


Homework Update:


Spellings - On a Monday, your child will be given a list of words to learn for a test the next week. They will have a list of 13 words for up to 3 weeks so we can practice them as a list, as part of dictation and to ensure we understand what they mean. They will also have 5 or 6 words each week relating to our spelling lesson.


Maths - This will be handed out on a Monday and handed in the following Monday. The children will also be receiving log ins for mathletics. Maths homework will be based on arithmetic skills, they will be given a timed question sheet to complete. They should know how to answer all questions but if they do struggle they could use the internet to find out how to solve the question. Maths is fun is a good website to use.


Reading - On a Monday they will receive a comprehension activity to complete. It will say how long the activity should take. Try to get them to do it within this time as we are trying to work on our reading pace. This will replace the reading journal activity.


Reading Journals - This is a voluntary homework, when children have read a book they can use this  to record what they have read and what they thought about it. They do not need to hand it in. If they choose to, I will mark it and award them credits for doing extra work.

Big Think Project - Each term, there will be a project to complete. This will be based around our current topic, this half term they will be asked to do their own research about the Mayan Civiisation. 





Diary Dates:

Friday 12th January - Curriculum day

Friday 2nd February - Mayan Mayhem


Monday 12th February - Half term Holiday


Wednesday 28th February - Norwich Castle trip

Wednesday 21st March - Learning share session


**More Dates to be added soon**

**Dates may change**





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Alymerton 2017 481   Alymerton 2017 440


Alymerton 2017 390 Copy   Alymerton 2017 310 Copy       



Learning from Year 5


Skillforce have been in to work with us. The children loved it and it was great to see them working in teams and talking to one another!

skillforce 124skillforce 115skillforce 113skillforce 112skillforce 107




                                                                                                 Designing and making toys using cams.

dt 037   


Printmaking with Jenny and Tess at Sudbourne Printmakers.

     skillforce 073             skillforce 003



A farmer and his tractor visited us. 

farm visit 027





                     Duckin' down the Deben trip as part of our rivers trip and a visit to West Stow

                                                         to find out more about Anglo Saxons

                   duckin down the deben 013                             Anglo Saxon Trip 050




Weekly brass lessons with Mr McDowell

 brass 008