Year 3 Mrs Molenaar

 Welcome to Class 8


This half term our topic is ‘Amazing Africa’. We will be learning about the vast cultural and environmental differences, specifically the Maasai people and the Savannah in Kenya. We will also look at the economical similarities and differences between the UK and Kenya, focusing on a study of Nairobi and London.

In English, our end learning goals are:
Retelling an event from a different characters perspective
  • Within this we will be looking at consolidating use of inverted commas, noun phrases, adverbs, conjunctions adjectives and varied sentence openers.
  • The spelling focus will be sing 'a' and 'an' correctly, using  dictionaries to check spelling and words ending in -ture, -ation and our focus orange words. (These are in your child's homework book.)
  • Our reading focus will be predicting future events using our knowledge of the text and literary conventions, inferring a characters motives and summarising information from a text.


Writing an information poster
  • We will be using headings and subheadings to organise information appropriately. 
  • The spelling focus will be words spelt ch where the c sound is made and consolidating the previous terms patterns.
  • Our reading focus will be considering how paragraphs are used to group similar ideas together.


Free-narrative writing in the style of our class author
  • Pupils will be given the opportunity to write a story based on our novel Fright Forest by Marcus Sedgwick, with a focus on using direct speech accurately.
  • The spelling focus will be to consolidate all patterns learnt so far this year.
  • Our reading focus will be to discuss and explain our own language and plot choices and the intended effects.


In Maths, our end learning goals are:
Budget a holiday trip within given peramiters
To do this we will be:
  • Developing our understanding of the connections between 4 operations.
  • Developing and consolidating the methods used for each of the 4 operations.
  • Recognising the role and importance of equality within mathematics.
  • Continue to learn and recall the multiplication facts to 12 x 12
  • Begin to recognise fractions as division.
  • Solve fraction problems in the context of shape and number.
  • Tell the time to the nearest 15 minute interval and solve problems involving time.
  • Record data in a tally chart and present findings in a continuous/non-continuous format, then use this data to answer and ask questions.

Your child should be practicing multiplication tables weekly at home. BBC Bitesize, and are a few useful websites. There are also lots of free apps you can download to help your child.

In Science, our end learning goal is:
To create a shadow puppet theatre
To do this we will be:
  • Identifying light sources
  • Investigating how shadows change
  • Recognise shadow as the absence of light
  • Begin to understand that plants can change the suns energy into food (linking to our previous topic)


Home learning

I would like to thank you all in advance for your support with developing your children's responsibility for their own home learning. As usual home learning will be given out on a Friday to be completed by the following Friday. 

Weekly, pupils are expected to:

  • read to an adult or older sibling,
  • complete a short reading task based on in-class learning,
  • practice their times tables
  • practice their spellings
  • Complete either a short English, maths, topic or science task

If homework is not completed then pupils will do so in Friday afternoon's Golden Time session. 


Please encourage your child to remember their reading book and PE kit, including shoes. Letters and texts will be sent home to inform you if your child has continually forgotten and needs support remembering.

Dates for the diary:

Friday 12th January - Curriculum Launch Event 9-10.30am; all parents and carers welcome to join in the fun!