Year 3 Mrs McElroy and Mrs Atherton

A warm welcome back to school and into Year 3!

It has been lovely to catch up with the children, renewing old acquaintances and getting to know those new to our class, better.

So far:

we have spent the last two weeks enjoying lots of activities that have been chosen to help the children settle back in, with a focus on working together with different people, sharing, taking turns, problem solving, thinking about healthy minds, bodies and spirits, expectations for behaviour and the presentation of work. In lots of discussions we have also emphasised that all the children in the class should feel safe and happy to be at school, and that we can all help each other to achieve that aim.

Activities have included:

Bread making and sharing the resultant rolls for breakfast next day, with lots of pleases and thankyous going on as jam, butter and Marmite were passed around.

Putting a duvet cover on as a team, (we hope this new skill is now useful at home!).

Talking about secrets we should keep and those we should share.

Feelings maps of the school.

`Reach for the Stars` craft activities.

Recipes for a good teacher. (!)

From now on:

We are now looking forward to the next few weeks where we will be getting to grips with the timetable and all the challenges and hopefully excitements, that this holds.

Our Topic until Half Term is `Extreme Earth` and by the end we hope to be able to give advice  about preparing for an earthquake or a volcanic eruption.


Reading: we will be getting into the swing of bringing reading books home. This is the number one thing any parent or carer can do to help their child with their school learning, so please continue to hear your child read regularly and sign their book that you have heard them. There will also be daily Group Reading sessions at school.

Writing: Writing an exciting and engaging story within a familiar setting.

Grammar: we will be looking at using inverted commas.
Spelling: pluralising nouns using -s and -es correctly, changing verbs to adverbs using the suffix -ly and continually looking at common exception words.

Maths: Numbers and Place Value.

We`ve had a great start to the term and are looking forward to seeing the children going from strength to strength. 

Please do not hesitate to talk to us if you have concerns or uncertainties.