Year 3 Mrs Basham

 Welcome to Class 8

This half term our topic is ‘The worst children’s job in history’ this will heavily focus on the Victorian era
In English we will be covering:

• How to write effective introductions to engage the reader
• How to write in first and third person
• To examine what makes an effective recount
• Researching and note taking
• Writing in paragraphs to structure our writing

Our top step challenge is to write a diary entry in the day of the life of a Victorian child

In Maths we will be covering:
• Making 2D and 3D shapes; recognising in different orientations and describing with increasing accuracy and correct terminology.
• Recognise angles as a property of a shape.
• Understanding that two right angles make a half turn and four right angles make a whole turn.
• Recognising angles less than, the same as and greater than a right angle.
• Identifying horizontal, vertical, perpendicular, parallel and curved lines.
• Measuring the perimeter of simple 2D shapes.

Our top step challenge is to create our own Victorian workhouse with specific criteria.

In Science we will be covering:

• How living things obtain food.
• Comparing and grouping animals by their diet.
• Sorting animals based on their skeletons.
• Identifying and naming bones
• Identifying and explaining the three main functions of a skeleton.
• Setting up a simple practical enquiry.
• Recording findings.

Our top step challenge is to design our own healthy snack to sell at break time

Home learning

As usual home learning will be given out on a Friday to be completed by the following Thursday.
I have been really impressed with the children’s home learning and have noticed the huge impact it has been having on the children’s learning in the classroom. Keep up the good work!


Welcome to Year 3's class page!

This term our topic is World War Two (WW2)


In English we have been learning how to write and follow a set of instructions.
The children have looked at a range of instructions, before writing their own titled 'How To Catch a Spy'. I have been really impressed how the children have applied their knowledge of time connectives, adverbs and adjectives to make their instructions clear and interesting to read.
The children have also just started looking at different features of poetry. During the next few weeks children will be preparing poems to read and perform to the rest of the class.



In maths we are learning how to divide and multiply. The children will be using their knowledge of addition and subtraction and applying it to multiplication and division tasks. Next week we will also be introducing ‘times tables’. The children will be completing times tables challenges each week, therefore I encourage children to practise these at home as well as school to improve the children's confidence.


World War Two

We have been learning all about WW2 via a range of subjects.

In Music we have been learning about pace and tempo: playing instruments to mimic the sounds of ‘The Blitz’.

In Art we have been studying World War 2 aircrafts to improve pencil and sketching skills.

In Geography we are looking at the location of the Allie’s and the Axis on a map.


Home learning

I would like to thank the children (and parents) for all the wonderful pieces of home learning we have received. These are having a huge positive impact on children in class therefore please encourage the children to keep up the good work.



Dates for the diary:

Friday 2nd December - Glitter and Glue Day - non uniform day (children to bring in a chocolate donation)

Tuesday 13th December - Christmas lunch

Monday 19th December - Christmas party

Tuesday 20th December - Carols