Year 2/Year 3 Mrs McElroy and Mrs Atherton

Welcome to class 9!

Spring 2017

Hello! We'd like to introduce ourselves as the new class teachers in Class 9. 

Mrs McElroy will be teaching Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays whilst Mrs Atherton will be teaching on Thursdays and Fridays. Mrs Chadwick will still be popping into the class and working with groups over the course of the half term.

This half term will see the children investigating The Stone Age to The Iron Age as their topic overview which will allow them to travel back in time and explore how Stone Henge was built, how early man gathered food and kept warm. 

  • English: Exploring expanded noun phrases and front adverbs for Year 3 through story writing.
  • Maths: Fractions and Time
  • Science: Forces
  • History: Stone Age to the Iron Age
  • Art: Drawing
  • DT: Pop-up Books
  • R.E: An understanding of Hinduism


P.E kits should be in school throughout the week and should be available for the children to do P.E as it is a compulsory part of the curriculum.