Year 2 Mr Bosher

Welcome to class 9!

Hello to the new half-term. Always the most exciting with Christmas coming up!

This term we begin by finishing our work on 'The Man On The Moon' in English. This book as been a huge hit with our children and it'll be a great shame when we finally finish. In maths we're beginning work on addition and subtraction which will build nicely on from our work on place value. 

Our topic this term is explorers. We'll be doing lots of work looking at famous explorers from all over the world and linking this with our geography and science. 

We've got an exciting opportunity to visit Piper's Vale gym center in Ipswich this term which I'm sure will be a superb experience for our children. 

Make sure you check out the gallery below to see the latest photos and videos!!

Mr Bosher

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