Year 2 Mrs Fisher

Welcome to Class 10! Here you will be able to find out about the children's learning and any extra information you may need about events happening in school.

Firstly a big thank you to everyone especially the children for a big, warm welcome to Class 10. There is a meet the teacher  opportunity after school on Monday 8th June 2017. This will be a very informal meeting where you can just come and say hello.  

They have been learning lots about growth mindset and  it has become a big part of the children's learning in all aspects of school life. I will continue to support this in the classroom.They have used videos, group discussions and activities to show the children that they can do anything they wish if they put in the effort and most importantly believe in themselves. Below are some quotes from the children  on growing a growth mindset.


"I try to get excited to learn new things instead of being sad or worried." (Keiron)

"If you make a mistake it is a good thing because you will learn from it." (Robert)

"I cant do it yet so I just need more practice." (Ruben)

"You have to keep trying and trying until you get it!" (Austin)

"You shouldn't say your work is rubbish and you can't make it better." (Daisie) "Yeah, because if you try and try you can always make it better." (Ellie-May)

 This summer term, our learning will be based around animals and zoos.

In literacy we will be looking an information texts (largely based on animals) and writing our own. Currently we are sharing our ideas on Dragons! We are trying to make sure we include capital letters and full stops, adjectives/ expanded noun phrases, conjunctions and time conjunctions. We have also been making an effort to improve our handwriting in all of our work. We have started writing exclamation and question sentences and will be looking to include these in other pieces of writing too.

In Maths, we are learning how to measure in m/cm ,this will be very helpful for when we make own zoo enclosure! We will move on to looking at time so we know when to feed the animals too. 

 We will be looking at living and non-living things in Science asking" How do we know something is alive?" In Geography  we will be learning all about animals habitats asking questions like" Where do penguins live ?"" What types of habitats do snakes like ? and why ?".

We are focusing on reading this term and the children are now reading every morning during registration, please make sure their reading book is in school everyday,  this has been really calm and focussed. Well done children you seem to be really enjoying your books!

Homework will be set every Friday to be handed in on Thursdays. Homework will usually be reading and a reading journal entry, times tables 10s,5s,2s and a spelling, punctuations or grammar activity.

Our class assembly this term will be on Thursday 6th July 2017