Year 1 Ms Wright and Mrs Daynes



Welcome back!!

We hope that you all had a lovely Easter holiday - despite the weather! Amazingly, we are now heading into the final term of Year 1 and we have lots planned this half term to help the children continue to make progress and enjoy their learning...

Maths: Multiplication, Division and Fractions.

English: We will be using anew book this half term, Lila and the Secret of Rain, to develop our writing and reading skills. We will be focusing on checking the accuracy of our writing - being careful with our spelling, remembering our finger spaces and using different punctuation at the end of our sentences (.  ?  or !). We will also continue to practise our handwriting, making sure we form our letters correctly and at an appropriate size.

Topic: Once Upon a Seed: We will be learning lots about plants - the parts of a flower, the types of wild and garden plants, the different types of trees and how to look after a plant. We will be using art (printing), Computing (changing images), Design and Technology (levers and linkages) to explore our topic thoroughly.

PE: We are lucky to be having a professional dance teacher in each Tuesday afternoon this half term...please make sure that your child has a full PE kit in school.


Morning Routine:

For the summer term we are aiming to increase the children’s independence when coming into school in the morning, preparing them for Year 2.

Children will be responsible for organising their own reading books and letters and placing them in the correct boxes outside the classroom. They will then be put in their trays and children will collect their own belongings at the end of the day.

We will remind and support them with the new routine initially but ultimately we are expecting them to be fully responsible for themselves. It is important that the children have their book bag and reading book with them every day, whether they have read or not.


Reading at home:

We will also be continuing our reading reward scheme for the next half term. Thank you for all the effort that went into last half term, the impact that it had on the children’s progress was really positive. You can now keep track of your child’s progress on the playgrounds notice board.

The reward afternoon will be on Thursday 24th May and the rewards will be as follows:
Bronze (read 0-10 times): DVD
Silver: (read 10-20 times): Crisps/Popcorn and Ice Cream
Gold: (read 20-30 times): Dress up/own clothes afternoon.

If you have any concerns please feel free to chat to either one of us.

Many thanks for your support.







The money raised from our Christmas Enterprise stall has been used to buy new cushions, storage and books for our reading area. The children have been enjoying exploring the chance to sit in the comfy corner and explore the new books.

IMG 2774  IMG 2773 IMG 2772  IMG 2771IMG 2770


The children showed great teamwork and perseverance whilst trying to solve the tangram puzzles in Maths.

IMG 2833  IMG 2830  IMG 2828  IMG 2822


We had a brilliant day learning about space travel in a giant inflatable dome! It was very dark inside and we were amazed at how it felt like we were actually in space!

IMG 2787  IMG 2784  IMG 2781  IMG 2780  IMG 2778

We also had great fun star-gazing! Despite the poor weather we enjoyed using IPads to explore the night sky, reading books, finding space facts, drinking hot chocolate and eating marshmallows! 

IMG 2810  IMG 2816   IMG 2814  IMG 2812    IMG 2811  IMG 2809  IMG 2800  IMG 2793  IMG 2792


We hope that you all had a good Christmas and that you are ready to get learning this half term! We have lots of exciting things planned and keep an eye out on this page for photos and examples of all the excellent learning that your children are doing!

Key Topics to be covered this half term:

Maths: Addition and Subtraction using numbers to 20, Place Value of numbers up to 50 and counting... lots and lots of counting! Please practise counting as much as you can with your children, forwards/backwards up to 100, in jumps of 2, 5 and 10...this will really help them with all the areas of Maths they need to learn!

English: We continue with our Power of Reading scheme, looking at a new book linked to our topic... we will reveal the title at a later date as part of the plan is to keep it a secret from the children so they can make their own deductions. We will be aiming to write our own stories as well as other topic based writing. We will also be learning all the letter names, not sounds, and how to ask and punctuate questions correctly.

Reading: PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ WITH YOUR CHILD REGULARLY - We cannot stress enough how important it is to read with your child regularly as this is the best way to build their confidence and fluency. Reading journals are checked and changed daily if they have been signed by an adult.

Science: Materials - We will be looking at common properties of different materials and making simple comparisons between them,

Topic: Space and exploration - We will be learning some key facts about Space, and about the life and impact Neil Armstrong and the first moon landing had on society.

Art: Painting - focusing on the work of Vincent Van Gogh

Computing: Finding images on the web.

PE: Continues to be on a Tuesday and Wednesday, this half term they will be learning about football and netball.

PSHE: People who help us...






Autumn 2:

This half term our learning will focus on the following areas:

English -

We will be exploring the book 'Pattan's Pumpkin' this half term. All our writing, spelling and grammar objectives will be based around this book. The learning is done step by step so we can explore each stage of the story in depth. Learning about characters, plot, settings, description and motivations as well as our own likes and dislikes.

Maths -

Our focus this half term is addition and subtraction. This includes number bonds to 10 and 20 and the related subtraction facts; addition and subtraction using numbers up to 20. We will also be using these skills we learn to plan and budget for a stall in our Enterprise week, as well as counting up the profits we make! 

Topic -

Wild Weather - We are weather watchers this half term! We will be measuring and tracking the weather using our own equipment, thinking about the different types of weather we have in this country and around the world and the impact it can have on people's lives. We will also be having a 'science' day where we will be experimenting with the different weather types.

Phonics -

Each group will continue to learn their 'special friends' this half term and use these in our daily reading sessions. Please continue to support their learning by practising the red and green words that are sent home each week. Thank you.

Phonics Meeting:

Thank you to all that were able to make the parent's meeting on Wednesday. We hope that you found it useful. For those who were unable to make it we have uploaded the pack that was sent home onto this page. Just click on the link below to view it. It explains exactly what phonics is, how we teach it and some useful resources and ideas. We will be sending a paper copy home in book bags as soon as possible. If you ever have any questions or concerns about phonics or reading then please ask either of us.


Phonics Pack for Parents 

Phonics Play website 

ICT games website

Sound pronunciation video... a useful guide on how to pronounce the different sounds that are taught to your children.


I Pad games - 

Hip Hop Hen

Phonics Street


Week 2

This week we have continued having fun while learning to work with all our classmates.  In maths we have been challenging our partners to count out up to 20 objects.

IMG 1528IMG 1530IMG 1526


We've had lots of fun playing with the "gloop", exploring how it feels and talking to our friends about it.  

IMG 1543IMG 1542IMG 1539IMG 1534IMG 1533

Welcome to Year 1 - 2017/18!!

We hope you all had a great summer break - We have already been busy settling into new routines and exploring our new class. Please find below some general information about our class... 

Adults in class… 

Ms Wright teaches on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and Mrs Daynes on Thursday and Friday.  We also have additional learning support given by Mrs Littler who is in class every day and Mrs Linsell who works with us every morning and on a Friday afternoon. 

Physical Education… 

Class 12 have PE twice a week. This is on a Tuesday and Wednesday.  Please ensure your child has the full PE kit to enable them to participate fully in the activities.  If your child wears earrings, for health and safety reasons, please ensure they remove them for PE or they are covered with tape, provided by home.  PE kits will be sent home at the end of each half term. 


Your child reads in class with an adult every day as part of their phonics programme. They also take home a book to share with parents and carers.  Please read this with your child as often as you can, preferably at least 4 times a week. Regular practise in extremely important in helping your child develop their recognition of sounds and letters and an understanding of stories and non-fiction books.  

Books will be changed when they have been read, so please remember to write a comment in the journal so we know the book has been finished.  Please feel free to write in any other comments as your input is invaluable to us.   

Also, if any parents or carers can spare the time, we would love to have some helpers in class to hear readers.  Please let Ms Wright or Mrs Daynes know if you are able to offer your time. 


Children will take home a set of words to practice every week.  These are words that appear in their class reading books.  Practicing their recognition will really help children with their sight vocabulary, speed and fluency in reading.   

As well as a termly homework project, children will also have weekly homework tasks.  These may be maths, spelling or topic based activities.  Homework will be sent home on a Friday and should be returned to school by the following Wednesday. 


Our whole school behaviour policy encourages children to take responsibility for their behaviour and make positive choices.  Good behaviour and effort are rewarded with credits, certificates and special events, such as non-uniform and activity days throughout the year.  Every week one child from each class will be awarded a learning leaf for conduct, perseverance, progress or attainment in our whole school celebration assembly.  In class we use a sun-cloud-rainbow system where the children’s name will be put depending on their behaviour choices (cloud if they are given a warning, rainbow if they have done something exceptional).  We would like to share their successes with you so if your child brings a rainbow slip home please ask them how they got it and celebrate it with them.  We also have our class pet “Leo the Lion” who goes home with a different child each night to reward their behaviour in class.

Teaching and Learning this term 

Our curriculum is topic based so each half term activities and learning in English, Maths, Science, Art etc will all be related to a specific theme.  In this way, we hope the children will become immersed in their learning and be motivated to achieve the high standard of work we know they are capable of. 

In English, we will be concentrating on forming and writing sentences, remembering to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.  We will also practice our letter formation and handwriting. 

In Maths, we will be working hard to investigate and understand numbers… learning about the value they have, how to read and write numbers in numerals and words up to 20, how to count forward and backwards to 100, how to find 1 more and 1 less than any number up to 100 and investigating patterns with odd and even numbers. 

We will be having a curriculum launch day, on Monday 18th September, where parents are invited to come into school between 2 and 3pm to explore our new topic and complete some challenges with your child. More details will follow. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to us on the playground, or if you need a little longer we can arrange an after-school meeting. Thank you for your support, 

Ms Wright and Mrs Daynes 


Our First Week...


We have been doing lots of PSHE activities, exploring friendships, learning to work together as a group and how to stay calm and relaxed. Here are some photos of what we have been up to...

 IMG 1432  IMG 1429  IMG 1427  IMG 1426

We worked as groups to feel, discuss and guess what objects had been hidden by the foil. We learned to listen to each other's ideas and take turns.


IMG 1449 IMG 1439 IMG 1446 IMG 1460

We all challenged ourselves to eat a chocolate button, without using our hands! We all got a bit messy but learned how to have fun and not worry about how silly we all looked - even Mrs Daynes, Mrs Littler and Miss Linsell joined in! :-)


IMG 1473 IMG 1472 IMG 1471 IMG 1470

We created our own criteria to sort a selection of random objects - some of us chose colour, some of us by size and some by shape. Amber and Maisie even challenged themselves to measure the objects with a ruler to check their predictions were right! Well done girls!


IMG 1496 IMG 1491 IMG 1487


We also learned how to relax and be calm by doing whole class yoga and mirroring activities. 


Finally, we ended our week by watching the Men's Tour of Britain race... we made flags to show our support and it was very exciting to watch and cheer all the riders!


IMG 1511    IMG 1510    IMG 1500








YEAR ONE - 2016/17

Healthy Cafe

Year 1 have been thinking about our lifestyles this term and what makes a healthy diet.  We enjoyed designing, making and then eating our own healthy sandwiches in our pop up cafe!




!IMG 1287IMG 1285IMG 1284

Year 1 Learning Together

The children had a great morning learning with their parents about 'changes' - thank you to all those who were able to come along and join in and for the great feedback.


IMG 1254IMG 1253IMG 1252IMG 1251IMG 1250IMG 1248IMG 1247IMG 1245IMG 1244IMG 1242IMG 1241IMG 1240IMG 1239IMG 1238IMG 1237IMG 1236IMG 1235IMG 1233IMG 1231IMG 1230IMG 1229IMG 1227IMG 1226

Design and Technology - Sewing stuffed toys!

The children have been designing and making soft toys, following our theme of healthy foods. The children in Year 3 came to share what they had learned by making bunting and help the Year 1s learn how to sew using a running stitch.

IMG 1225     IMG 1224    IMG 1223    IMG 1222

June 2017

Welcome back to our final half term!  We will be thinking about "Food, Glorious Food!"  We will learn about healthy food and  make our own healthy snacks. In DT we will be making soft toys based on fruit characters and in Art we will be printing fruit designs.  In Literacy we will concentrate on instructional writing (recipes) and in maths focusing on measuring height, length, mass/weight, capacity and time.  In Science we will think about different types of weather and we'll consider sun safety.  

We have lots of important dates for your diaries -

Wednesday 21st June 2.45 Homework share in class

Friday 23rd June 8.45-10.00 parents and carers are invited in to class to take part in a Learning Together session with their children focusing on "Changes" that take place as we grow.

Friday 30th June - Sports Day

TBC parents and carers invited into our "Healthy Eating Cafe".



Once upon a bean....

Class 12 have been learning what plants need to grow.  They planted and cared for their beans and then took home a bean plant.  Quite a class of gardeners!



Congratulations - you have won the tick tock challenge for this week! Everyone has done really well and made a huge effort to be in school on time! Your reward is a non-school uniform day next Friday (12th May). Keep up the hard work!


The First Hippo on the Moon


As part of our 11 experiences before 11 promise, Class 12 went to the Lowestoft Marina Theatre to watch a play based on the book 'The First Hippo on the Moon' by David Walliams. They loved the puppets, songs and audience participation! Afterwards they went to the beach to have lunch and play in the sand! They even showed great team work when burying Logan's mum in the sand!

IMG 1030  IMG 1029  IMG 1028   IMG 1027  IMG 1026   IMG 1024   IMG 1022   IMG 1021  IMG 1020   IMG 1019 IMG 1017  IMG 1016   IMG 1015   IMG 1013  IMG 1012

Look at some of the amazing writing we did the day after the trip...


IMG 1039   IMG 1038   IMG 1037   

                    Leandra                                Alfie                                                    Rio


IMG 1036   IMG 1035   IMG 1034 

   Evie                                            Charlie S                                       Ellie-Mae

 IMG 1033


The Long Shop Museum


Today (20th April) the children visited the Long Shop Museum. We learned lots about planting, growing, seasons, and the history of farming. They loved seeing all the old machinery and learning how farming has changed. They even got to plant our own seeds. They are now really looking forward to their topic this half term - 'Once upon a seed...'


IMG 0955.  IMG 0927  IMG 0896  IMG 0869IMG 0864  IMG 0862  IMG 0857  IMG 0848IMG 0843  IMG 0839  IMG 0826  IMG 0819

Welcome back for the Summer Term!


We hope that you had a great Easter holiday and you are rested and ready for the busy term ahead!



Thursday 20th April - Long Shop Museum Trip 

Thursday 27th April - Marina Theatre Trip - First Hippo on the Moon - Please make sure you bring a suitable warm and weatherproof coat as we will be walking to the beach after the performance to have our lunch.

Homework is given out on a Friday and due in on a Wednesday.

New phonics words will come home every Friday - please make sure you practise these regularly as well as your speedy sounds.

Please read and sign your reading record at least 3 times a week. 


Topics this term:

Maths: Fractions, 2D and 3D shapes, time, measurement and practical problem solving!

English: Traditional tales (The Enormous Turnip) and instructional writing (recipes)

Science: Plants (The parts of a flower, wild and common garden plants, types of trees and what plants need to survive), weather

Topic: Once upon a seed... and Food, Glorious Food 

Including: Where does our food come from? (Where in the world, when were they discovered and is it from a plant or animal?) How can we stay healthy? (Filming exercise routine and writing instructions) Design and Technology (Hand puppets and a healthy cafe - look out for your invitations to help sew and also visit our cafe!) Art - Observational drawing and printing repeated patterns...



A Maths Easter Egg Hunt...

The class worked in teams to find plastic eggs containing word problems to solve. They showed great team work, encouraging each other when searching for the eggs and working together to use what they had learned this term in maths to find solutions to the problems.

IMG 0795IMG 0794IMG 0793IMG 0790IMG 0789IMG 0788IMG 0787IMG 0786IMG 0783IMG 0782IMG 0781IMG 0780IMG 0779IMG 0778IMG 0777IMG 0776

And a chocolate one!


IMG 0812IMG 0811IMG 0807IMG 0803IMG 0801IMG 0800IMG 0799IMG 0796


Year 1 learned about the Easter Story and also about the history of Easter Eggs.  Paul from Tesco's came into class to talk to the children about the history behind the Easter egg tradition.  The children designed and made their own decorative  eggs

.IMG 0282IMG 0280IMG 0279IMG 0277IMG 0271

Science Week

The children really enjoyed being Scientists when they went up to Alde Valley Academy for the afternoon.  They were able to participate in lots of different experiments and activities. They separated colours in pen ink, thought about insects and even mixed ingredients to make and then test their very own bouncy ball!  It was great and the children all came back thoroughly inspired.

 IMG 0552  IMG 0548IMG 0591IMG 0547IMG 0546IMG 0545IMG 0544IMG 0543IMG 0533IMG 0526IMG 0522IMG 0521IMG 0519IMG 0518

World Book Day

We all had great fun dressing up as our favourite book characters on World Book Day. We shared our favourite books with the class and enjoyed having our parents come in at the end of the day and read to us.

IMG 0749    IMG 0748    IMG 0746    IMG 0739IMG 0738     IMG 0736     IMG 0733      IMG 0730IMG 0722



This half term we have been looking at early multiplication.  We have been practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and have got really good at it! (Ask your child to show you!)  We then started by grouping objects in different ways and then adding up the groups to see how many there were in total.



In PE we have been exploring movement and dance. We used ribbon sticks to reflect the movement in the music.


IMG 0576  IMG 0575  IMG 0574  IMG 0573IMG 0572   IMG 0571


We have been basing a lot of our work around the story of Flotsam and Jetsam. We thought about their characters, wrote speech bubbles, learned about recycling and eventually wrote our own adventure for the main characters. 


IMG 0609  IMG 0608  IMG 0606IMG 0604  IMG 0600  IMG 0586IMG 0583IMG 0581



In Science we have been learning about the different animal types. We have been describing and classifying them and have learned about whether they are carnivores, herbivores or omnivores.


IMG 0568

Watoto Choir


In January the Watoto choir from Uganda came and performed for us. We were amazed by their energy, singing and dancing and loved watching them. Edward even got the chance to go up and perform with them! 


IMG 0560                                                          IMG 0548


IMG 0539

Welcome back to a new term and a new year!

We hope you all had an amazing Christmas and feel rested and ready to learn lots this term!



We have an exciting new topic - we are going to become outdoor explorers! We are expecting a parcel to arrive soon and will share what is inside with you once we have had a chance to explore!
Topics and skills we will be learning this term include...
* The different types of animals and how to categorise them.
* Non-Chronological report writing
* What is there in Suffolk? (The features of the local area and what we can do there!)
* Seaside towns (How have they changed?)
* Pollution and how we can help solve the issue
* Naming our body parts and using our senses.
* Poetry writing
* Moving picture and collage


In Maths we will be covering:
* Addition and Subtraction
* Multiplication and Division 
We will be looking at each topic in depth and in many different ways so we can 'master' our skills and use them confidently in everyday life.


We were really pleased to hear so many positive comments about the impact our new Phonics programme (Read Write Inc.) is having with the children's confidence in recognising sounds and using them to read fluently. 
We will be continuing to follow the scheme this term, completing an hour of phonics and reading each morning. We ask that you continue to support us by practising the sounds and key words as much as you can.
It is also really important that you continue to read with your child at least 4 times a week. Please make sure you write a short comment in their reading record as their books will only be changed when this is done.
PE is still on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Please make sure you have a full PE kit in school on these days. 


There will a Maths or English related challenge to complete each week. This will come home on a Friday and will need to be in school on a Wednesday. A new homework project will be coming home soon, all about pets!