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Class 13

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Welcome back to the Summer term!

This term our topic focus will be 'once upon a seed' and we will be exploring all things growing. We will be looking at what grows, how things grow and even having a go at trying to grow our own plants ourselves. We will be using art (printing), Computing (changing images), Design and Technology (levers and linkages) to explore our topic thoroughly.

In literacy we will be moving on to a new 'Power of Reading' book 'Lila and the secret of rain'.Through this we will be learning to develop our writing and reading skills. Year 1 will be focusing on checking the accuracy of their writing - being careful with spelling, remembering finger spaces and using different punctuation at the end of our sentences (. ? or !). Reception will be working on writing in full sentences that themselves and others can read. Both classes will be exploring their use of descriptive and interesting language.

In Math's Reception will be exploring practical addition and subtraction using numbers that total up to 20. We will also be ensuring that all children are confident counters and can recognise their numbers to 20.  Year one will be focusing on multiplication, division and fractions.

PE: We are lucky to be having a professional dance teacher in each Tuesday afternoon this half term...please make sure that your child has a full PE kit in school.


Dates to remember: 

Friday 18th May - R/ Yr 1 trip to Bressingham Steam Museum 

Friday 29th June - Sports Day 


-Reading journals- please read with your child at least 3 times per week, this ensures good progress in both reading and writing and consolidates the letter sounds that we have been learning. Please write a comment in the reading journal to let us know how they are getting on and if their book needs changing. Regular readers receive rewards such as bookmarks and credits.
-Children will also receive a termly homework project- this will be related to the class topic we are learning about.

P.E. Will take place on a Tuesday and a Wednesday.

Library slots will be on Monday afternoons. Please bring your child's library book in on this day otherwise we will not be able to change it.

Here are some of the things that we have been up too:

Autumn term 2nd- 15th October:

Maths: Year one-We have been exploring counting in tens and identifying tens and ones this week. You can support your child with the following links: 
Reception-We have been looking at making teen numbers using Numicon i.e. number 13 needs one ten and a three.
English: We have been continuing to use phonics to write words and sentences. We have also been looking at the features of non-fiction texts.

Phonics meetings:Thank you to all that were able to make the parent's meetings. We hope that you found it useful and welcome feedback! For those who were unable to make it please ask for a paper copy of the information that has been shared. If you ever have any questions or concerns about phonics or reading then please ask.

Autumn term 18th-29th of September:
English- We will be focusing on using our phonics to write words/sentences. 
Maths- We will be looking at recognising numbers, identifying one more and one less, counting and ordering. (Reception to 20, Year 1 to 100)

Autumn term 5th- 15th of September:
To kick-start our learning this term we have been focusing on team building and 'THRIVE' activities. This has enabled us to work well collaboratively and develop excellent learning behaviours.

We worked together to make a collaborative picture. We discussed the importance of sharing, communication and working together.


We practised using yoga to help us calm down and relax.


We played the chocolate button game. We had to work out how to eat the chocolate without using our hands when it was placed on our foreheads! We discussed a lot of problem solving skills and laughed a lot!


We made friendship recipes. We discussed all the qualities of a good friend.


We made special friendship biscuits for each other. We had to talk to our friend to see what toppings they would like on their biscuit and then we gave our biscuit to our friend and said something nice about them.


We made 'worry jars'. We got all our worries out by discussing our worries for the year ahead in small groups.


Read Write Inc
We use Read Write Inc as our phonics programme. Please support your child at home by using their green or yellow sound books. Every few days your child will be coming home with some green speedy words in their phonics folder that we will be using in the scheme that week. Please help your child learn to read this and note how they get in in their reading diaries. Please make sure the book and the phonics folder is in their book bags everyday. We look forward to seeing the rapid progress that the children will make!

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Useful websites to further your child's learning: