Meet the Staff

Executive Principals

Mrs J Stanley-Bell
Mrs C Singleton

Assistant Principal

Mrs M Geater

Teaching Staff


Mrs C Miller
Miss Chatten-Berry (Nursery Nurse)


Miss G Wells

Reception/Year 1

Mrs H Norman (Leadership Team)

Year 1

Mrs H Daynes
Ms J Wright

Year 2

Mrs S Fisher

Year 2/3

Mrs R McElroy/Mrs J Atherton

Year 3

Mrs H Basham

Year 4

Miss L Carr

Year 5

Mrs M Jinks

Year 6

Mr T Bosher
Mrs S Hunt

Supporting Teaching Staff

Ms J Zighed
Mrs K Tucker

Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Mrs M Chadwick (Leadership Team)

Attendance and Safeguarding Officer

Miss H Cornwell

Resource Base for Dyslexia

Mrs G Southgate


Mrs H Hammond (Thrive)
Mrs J Tibbenham
Mrs B Wilson (Thrive)

Support Staff

Miss F Backhouse
Mrs T Buck
Mrs J Dale
Mrs T Edwards
Mrs T Fryer
Mrs Z Golding
Mrs C Hambling
Mrs C Meadows
Mrs L Pegg
Mrs G Rolph
Ms C Diwell
Mrs S Purkiss
Mrs S Linsell

Office Staff

Mrs W Holgate
Mrs N Legh-Smith


Mr M Hawes

Kitchen/Midday Supervising Staff

Mrs S Donnelly - Cook
Mrs D Brewer - Assistant Cook
Mrs G Sanders - Assistant Cook
Mrs V Foreman
Mrs D Cosgrove
Mrs M Neal
Mrs C James
Miss K Le Grys
Mrs B Kemp
Miss M George
Miss L Bailey