Key Policies

School policies cover every aspect of school life. Below are some of our most important policies for your reference. If you want to know our policy on something that is not listed, please ask the school office.

Also feel free to ask for paper copies of key information but please allow 24 hours for collection - these are free of charge.


Anti-bullying Policy
The school's protocol for dealing with any incidents of bullying


Assessment Policy

The assessment policy for the Academy can be found here


Attendance Policy

This policy details our expectations surrounding attendance and punctuality


Behaviour Policy

The school's expectations and guidance surrounding the behaviour of the pupils


Equalities Statement

The Academy's policy on equal access for all.


Feedback Policy

How the Academy views feedback and how it is used to improve pupil outcomes.


Complaints Procedure 

This document sets out the procedures which we will follow in light of a complaint about our school.


Charging and Remissions Policy

Our policy with regards to financial procedures within the school.


Safeguarding Policy

The Academy safeguarding policy with sub sections for each school


SEN Policy

The Academy SEN policy can be found here